Terms of service 

Yes, we did it! We managed to overcome all the Brexit hurdles and are able to offer shipping to the UK as of now. There are however some rules and regulations that apply to UK orders.



  • UK shipping costs range from €19,95 to €29,95 depending on the weight.
  • Max weight is 22kg. That's 14 bottles of 75cl or 24 bottles of 37,5cl.
  • A mobile phone number is required.
  • Expected delivery time: 4 to 12 days, depending on the handling speed at British customs


  • VAT is included in the price of all items in the shop.
  • However UK customers pay and receive an invoice with a 0% VAT rate.
  • You will have to pay VAT and customs costs when you recieve your package, as explained on this gov.uk page. The carrier will send you mail containing the payment details. Theoretically. Let us know if you're the first that actually has to pay.

  • Obviously, you declare to agree on our terms and conditions (Dutch) when you place an order.
  • The site and order process is in Dutch. Out hosting partner doesn't provide a bilingual shop.
    Pro-tip: use the translation option offered in your browser:

The order process

A quick guide to the order process.

UK Shipping

  • Select UK shipping in the shopping cart (Winkelwagen) by selecting Verenigd Koninkrijk in the dropdown menu below Bereken verzendkosten. You will see UK Shipping appear on the right.
    Verenigd Koninkrijk doesn't appear in the list? You're order probably exceeds the maximum weight of 22kg.


  • UK customers get a 0% VAT rate.
  • Once you have selected UK Shipping, the total amount of your order is always shown VAT EXCLUDED.
  • Please note that individual product prices shown in the shop are VAT included, untill you reach the final step in the order process: Confirmation (Bevestiging).
    At confirmation you will see all product prices VAT excluded.

Mobile phone number

  • Last but not least, make sure you fill in a mobile phone number. It's requiered for UK shipping by the carrier.

Questions & suggestions
If you need help completing the order process or have any other questions, requests or suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to contact us! You can use the form provided on the bottom of this page or simply send us a message on Instagram/Facebook.